The Road of Excess, Side B

The aphorism “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom” is oft-quoted and much-loved —including by me, obviously — but almost always taken out of context. When William Blake wrote it he attributed it to Satan, and so it should be taken with a certain amount of irony. The road of excess can lead to the palace of wisdom, sure; but it can also lead to the morgue or prison. In practice it should always be paired with another aphorism: “Your mileage may vary.”

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The Road of Excess, Side A

Year: 1993
Original Format: cassette

This mix was made to be listened to on your car stereo, and it still works fairly well for that purpose. I road-tested it on a recent trip to Wells, NV and definitely drove a little faster than I would have otherwise (though still close to the speed limit, which in Nevada is now 80, about as fast as I care to drive anyway). Under the title the tape cover says “Play Extremely Loud,” which is probably not a bad idea.

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Children of the Night, Side B

wings stuck on liquid bones

Year: 1992
Original Format: cassette

This blog is now 1 year old, having launched last Halloween with Fear of a Black Cat. Of all the goofy little projects I do this is probably the most pure fun, and also the least-viewed, with four regular readers that I know of. Hi, Bob. Hi, Christian. Hi, Jim. Hi, Sam. Happy Halloween!

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Children of the Night, Side A

undead undead undead

Year: 1992
Original Format: cassette

28 years ago tonight, Halloween Eve 1992, I was driving around leaving copies of this tape on my friends’ doorsteps. Now all I have to do is click this here Publish button, and whoosh, out it goes to the world at large. Is that better? Well, it’s easier, anyway.

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Sacred Songs, Part 11: The Garden Is Open

Year: 2020
Original format: MP3

When I started this I thought it would be ready in time for the beginning of summer, hopefully in a world that had gotten more or less back to normal. Obviously things did not work out that way. But it did eventually get done, and at least we still have music. That’s something.

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Revolution #92, Side 2

Year: 1992
Original Format:
Subtitle: “Non-Stop Happy Times and Space”

Most of these quotes I used for the liner notes were lifted from a Dave Barry column, which gives me an excuse to quote this tribute Steve Martin wrote when Barry left the Miami Herald in 2005:

Dave says he wants to spend more time with his family. But I hesitate to tell you that Dave’s family is a hash pipe and some old Playboy magazines. Yes, Dave has written many funny essays that have appeared in our nation’s newspapers. However, most of his material is plagiarized from his own mind. Often, a funny idea will come to Dave, and then he will use that idea in one of his columns. Also, he will sometimes have a perfectly legitimate sentence, and then twist that sentence all out of shape so it will read funny. Another device that he uses is the old trick of putting the punch line at the end of the sentence or paragraph. These tactics are abhorrent.

And, by the way, you know how he often says, “And I’m not making this up?” Well, he made that up. Dave Barry, and I am not making this up, loves Satan.

In truth, if Wikipedia is being truthful, Barry is an atheist of Presbyterian extraction. Nonetheless he is the co-author of a forthcoming book called A Field Guide to the Jewish People.

Where am I going with this? Nowhere really. It’s Sunday. Here’s some music.

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