That is not a picture of Stacy Keach from Up in Smoke, which is what I was looking for. But it’s pretty damn funky, whatever it is.


Saturday Night G. Love & Special Sauce
“Today, at his cozy-looking Cape Cod home, the artist born Garrett Dutton sits at that very table. Over Zoom, one also notices his conspicuous tattoos. Emblazoned on his left forearm is his seven-year-old’s name and birthday; on his right, his three-year-old’s. (His eldest is near the crook of his elbow; his two-year-old is pending.) The table and tats make this conversation about his debut album rather poignant. ‘These songs have given me everything that I love in life.’” —

Harmonizm T Bird & the Breaks
“There’s good news and bad news with this post. The good news is I found an excellent new band. The bad news is the band has already broken up. With all due respect to Muddy Waters who famously sang “You Can’t Lose What You Never Had,” that is precisely the state in which I find myself, feeling the loss of something I didn’t have time to internalize fully. T Bird and the Breaks are – I mean, were – a band from Austin, Texas formed in 2007. The band recorded three excellent records, blending all kinds of styles to create what they called ‘chunk’ music. According to the band, ‘chunk’ music is ‘a form of twenty-first century American music consisting of equal parts funk, hip-hop, and rock and roll characterized by its rough sonic quality and energetic, visceral performance. Commonly served hot with a side of girls and brass.’” —Matt Fogelson

Work It Out Jurassic 5
Before you ask, yes, that’s Dave Matthews singing. Normally I keep the maximum distance between myself and Mr. M, but what the hell — it’s a good groove and his presence doesn’t ruin it.

She Caught the Katy Albert King
“The Missouri–Kansas–Texas Railroad (reporting mark MKT) was a Class I railroad company in the United States, with its last headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Established in 1865 under the name Union Pacific Railroad (UP), Southern Branch, it came to serve an extensive rail network in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. In 1988, it merged with the Missouri Pacific Railroad; today, it is part of UP. In the 1890s, the MKT was commonly referred to as ‘the K-T,’ because for a time it was the Kansas–Texas division of the Missouri Pacific Railroad and ‘KT’ was its abbreviation in timetables as well as its stock exchange symbol. This soon evolved into the nickname ‘the Katy.’” —Wikipedia

Addicted Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside
I like this song a lot. I like the album cover too.

Stone Junkie Curtis Mayfield
Resolved: Curtis was the most underappreciated genius of 20th century music. Please discuss.

Go with It Stacy Keach & Mills Watson
Upon looking him up, I was somewhat surprised to learn that Stacy Keach is still alive. He hasn’t done much lately, though at 83, he’s earned his repose. Wikipedia says that he became a Polish citizen in 2015; I feel like there’s a story there.

Mr. Cop Gregory Isaacs
Apparently this is the only song that Gregory and Lee Perry recorded together. Too bad.

Song 2wo Earl Zinger
This is one of those covers that might drive you crazy. It seems so familiar and yet… not. Take a minute to try and figure it out, then click here.

Bemin Sebab Litlash Mahmoud Ahmed
I had this on a mix made by… um… Cut Chemist I think it was. Only today, thanks to the magical Shazam powers, did I learn the actual artist.

On My Way Home Earl Zinger
Going back to the same artist so soon is, of course, a Violation. But fuck it. Do your thing, Earl.

Toumast Tincha Tinariwen

The ideals of the people have been sold off cheap, my friends.
Any peace imposed by force is bound to fail
And give way to hatred.
My people, where is that self-confidence
Made of dignity and beauty of spirit
That our ancestors bequeathed to us?

Mon Amour, Mon Cherie Amadou & Mariam
I still remember the first time I heard this at Tower Records in Emeryville, many a year ago. I was immediately smitten, and to this day it does not fail to make me happy.

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    I looked up T Bird and the Brakes immediately after going through this post.

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