Year: 2012
Original Format: CD

This one starts with some juicy gut-level funk, goes all the way to the farthest reaches of outer space, then comes in for a soft landing. The me who made this 12 years ago was in good form that day.


Hot Lava Isaac Hayes
Some years later Perry Farrell took the short, sweet bit from South Park and turned it into this mess — which, despite being wrong on every level, is weirdly entertaining.

Fizzy Inside The Mighty Boosh
In case you want the visuals (and you do):

Up for the Down Stroke Parliament
I mean, what other reason is there to get up?

Sex Machine James Brown
When you google “sex machine,” none of the top results are James Brown–related. I guess I should have expected that.

Sexy MF Prince
“I’d love to have been in the room when the WEA executives sat down to listen to this for the first time. Imagine the consternation when they realised that Prince’s new single was called ‘Sexy Midget F***wit.’” —Dave Jennings, Melody Maker

You Sexy Thing Hot Chocolate
Not only were Hot Chocolate English — which I think surprises most people, though it explains the accent — they were briefly on Apple Records at the beginning of their career.

Girl You Move Me Cane and Able
Also worth hearing: Seu Jorge & Almaz’s cover of this, which is how I learned about it in the first place.

Honky Tonk Miles Davis
This is as far out as we get into the nether regions of what might possibly be considered “funk.” And it is funky, in its own Miles-y, fractured, fucked-up way.

I’ve Been Watching You (Move Your Sexy Body) Parliament
Are there pretty strong stalker vibes to this song? Yes, there are. Is it sexy anyway? I would have to say it is. There are stalkers and then there are stalkers, knaamean?

Debra Beck
On the one hand, it’s a little wrong that Beck borrowed the instrumental track of David Bowie’s “Win” — a sacred song if ever there was one — for this goofy number that sounds like it’s being sung by an animated tube of lube in a TV commercial. On the other hand: absolute genius. Why ruin it by thinking too hard?

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