Year: 2012
Original Format: CD

You can be funky without being funny, and you can be funny without being funky. But the two go well together.


I’m Old Gregg The Mighty Boosh
When I reconnected with the love of my life after two decades apart, we had a lot to catch up on. For instance I made her watch all of Seinfeld so she would understand my daily references to it. She introduced me to Old Gregg, and thence to the Mighty Boosh, which led down a whole huge rabbit hole that I’m not sure we ever came out of. But there’s something magical about just this, out of context, in all its magnificent weirdness:

Give It Up Lee Dorsey
Being sometimes slow on the uptake in matters of sexual politics, it took me a while to notice how date-rapey the words to this song are. The singer has lavished time and money on the object of his affections, and he’s going to get some return on his investment, goddamnit. I can’t condone this attitude. But it’s so fuckin’ funky! Does that make it OK?

I Turned You On The Isley Brothers
“The song’s then-controversial usage of the popular sock it to me catchphrase (the song depicting sex) helped its popularity among fans.” —Wikipedia

Down Home Girl The Coasters
A friend I gave this CD to told me that he saw the Coasters in the liner notes and thought I had lost my mind. But the proof is in the pudding: This is some serious, stanky, swampy funk.

65 Bars and a Taste of Soul Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band
“Charles Wright was born on April 6, 1940, in Clarksdale, Mississippi. He moved to Los Angeles in the early 1950s, playing guitar and singing in several doo-wop groups including the Turks, the Twilighters, the Shields and the Gallahads. He also briefly worked in A&R for Del-Fi Records and was responsible for the 1961 hit record ‘Those Oldies but Goodies (Remind Me of You)’ by Little Caesar & the Romans. In 1962, he formed his own band Charles Wright & the Wright Sounds, which included future Watts Band member John Raynford, along with Daryl Dragon, later known as the ‘Captain’ of Captain & Tennille.” —Wikipedia

Buns O’ Plenty Isaac Hayes
This is from the soundtrack of a movie called Three Tough Guys, which apparently is some sort of spaghetti blaxsploitation film. The whole thing is on YouTube, and though I am curious if these “buns o’ plenty” make an appearance, I haven’t yet found time to watch it.

Forward Sweep Rocket Juice & the Moon
Rocket Juice & the Moon was yet another Damon Albarn project, this one featuring Flea on bass and Tony Allen on drums.

Here I Come The Roots
For the record, I liked this song even before they used it in Superbad. But sure, I liked it more afterward; how could you not? (The relevant clip does not appear to be on YouTube. Boo!)

He Miss Road Fela Kuti & the Africa 70
“‘He Miss Road’ combines James Brown style ’70s Funk with a stripped down Afrobeat sound. Ginger Baker produced this ethereal, almost psychedelic album with Tony Allen on drums, backed by Fela’s Africa 70 band.” —

Love Games The Mighty Boosh
These guys can do it acoustic, too:

Business Time Flight of the Conchords
Hilarious and also painful. That bit about the socks hits a little close to home.

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