Year: 2000
Original Format: cassette

I only just came across the above online. I like it much better than my previous artwork for this. Well, such is life.


Some Kind of Pill William Shatner & Malachi Throne
Taken again from “Cold Hands, Warm Heart,” the second episode from the second season of The Outer Limits, vintage 1963. If you’re a Shatner stan like me, it’s well worth seeking out (the evil empire has it for rent). The Shat gives a relatively restrained performance — by his standards, I mean — while still chewing enough scenery to keep you entertained.

Vroom Vroom (excerpt) King Crimson
“Pov: five year old playing with hot wheels.” —YouTube commenter “Scringus”

Dirty Boots Sonic Youth
“Another nonsense lyric by a band renowned for such.” —SongMeanings commenter exobscura

Subbacultcha Pixies
“It’s a hell of a lot of fun to just shout along with the song at random parts. “You know when you grope for LU-NA!” is one of the funnest damn things to say on the face of the earth.” —SongMeanings commenter ROBRAM89

Love Is Murder, Murder Is Love Frank Bonner
R.I.P. Frank (a.k.a. Herb Tarlek).

God Damn Rock’n’Roll The Cramps

Jelly Roll Buck Naked & the Bare Bottom Boys
Buck would be 69 now.

Pablo Picasso Burning Sensations
I recently wrote a rather lengthy exegesis of this song. Could be worth reading, if you haven’t.

Pretty Vacant Sex Pistols
“Glen Matlock drew inspiration from Richard Hell and the Voidoids’ 1976 punk rock number ‘Blank Generation.’ Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren brought back it back from the United States and told Sex Pistols to write a song like “Blank Generation,” but their own version. The phrase ‘blank generation’ got Matlock thinking about the desperation and hopelessness many in London felt; he reworked it into ‘Pretty Vacant’ and wrote the single about the concept with John Lydon. ‘I kind of misunderstood what his song was all about,’ Matlock admitted to Uncut magazine. ‘You gotta put the songs in the context of what was going on for a bloke like me in mid-’70s London, with the three-day week and the IRA bombings and power cuts, against the fact I was a young man who met some interesting people who was trying to form a rock’n’roll band. Pretty Vacant is a primal scream kind of thing: we don’t know what we’re gonna do, but we’re gonna do it anyway.” —

Against the 70s Mike Watt
Eddie Vedder actually makes himself useful here, for once. And Dave Grohl is behind the drums where he belongs.

Fight This Generation Pavement
Supposedly these are Stephen Malkmus’s own words in re “Fight This Generation.” I can’t verify the source and I’m not 100% sure I buy it; caveat lector. “This was a song to be played at a mythic awards ceremony. The singer/emcee asks people to come on up and accept their prizes, but it becomes apparent that there is no reason to award anyone. The ceremony becomes a sort of self-examination, but the audience is too weak to raise their voices until a snake charmer takes the stage and gets a pathetic rage going. People mumble along, but no one gets very excited, so ‘the song’ ignores the audience and goes where it wants until a puma escapes from a cage and mauls the singer/emcee. The song ends wtihout fanfare.”

Far Gone and Out (Arc/Weld Mix) The Jesus and Mary Chain
Even more than most Mary Chain songs, this one benefits from being played paint-peelingly loud.

Breaking Glass David Bowie
Ranks very high on the all-time list of Song That Are Just Too Fucking Short.

It’s No Game (Pt. 2) David Bowie
“What happens when a protest or angry statement is thrown against the wall so many times is that the speaker finds that he has no energy to give any impact anymore. It comes over in that very lilting, very melodic kind of superficial level. The sentiment is exactly the same as in the first part but the ambiance has changed, with a gentle, almost nostalgic quality to it, rather than being an angry vehement statement.” —David Bowie

I’m in Touch with Your World The Cars
Back when I first bought The Cars, I used to skip this song. Too weird; what the hell is a “psilocybin pony”? Now it’s my favorite track on the album.

Vroom Vroom (coda) King Crimson
“ Ohhhh I love this sludgy muck-rock monstrosity. Belew’s guitar sounds like the slow, agonizing death of a t-rex.” —YouTube commenter michaeliona8319

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