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In the last couple years I’ve gotten into the habit of making quarterly playlists of things I intend to listen to. This summer, for one reason or another, I actually did. And when that happens things start to fit themselves together in my mind, and I feel compelled to make something out of them.

Some of these songs are new, and some are just new to me. Some are things I heard on the radio — that’s right, the radio. Here in The Land That Time Forgot we have several great options, including the best classic rock station I know of; a typically anarchic college station; and the last freeform commercial station in captivity.

Now that summer is over, I feel like it is safe to talk about. On the whole it was a pretty good one, although it addition to whatever else it may be, summer is now the season when we think about the coming End Times. Well, all that smoke makes for some spectacular sunsets.


Harpejji I Wulfmon
“The harpejji (/hɑːrˈpɛdʒiː/ har-PEJ-ee) is an electric stringed musical instrument developed in 2007 by American audio engineer Tim Meeks. It can be described as a cross between a piano and a guitar, or as a cross between an accordion and a pedal steel guitar. The playing surface has a layout arranged in ascending whole tones across strings, and ascending semi-tones as the strings travel away from the player with a five octave range from A0 to A5. Harpejjis use an electronic muting system to dampen unfretted strings and minimize the impact of sympathetic vibrations.”—Wikipedia

You Make Me Rock’n’Roll Tom Tom Club
This was one I heard on the radio and Shazamed. I hadn’t paid much attention to what the Tom Tom Club had been doing for the last 40 years, but this number from 2012 is fucking fantastic. Side note: All four members of Talking Heads have been in the same room multiple times lately promoting the rerelease of Stop Making Sense. The reunion tour is coming; prepare yourself.

One Margarita (Margarita Song) That Chick Angel
Two great things about this song: 1) It is funky as hell. 2) At the end, after making all those promises about what she’s going to do in return for those margaritas, she says, “I’m lying. I’ma be ’sleep.” Serves him right.

Champagne Shit Janelle Monae
This year Janelle wasn’t talking so much about being a cyborg or whatever; she was just having a good time. More power to her. Side note: A search for “Champagne Shit” turned up this movie trailer, which I present without further comment:

1-2-5 Rap The Haunted
I can’t remember now what exactly led me to late Sixties French Canadian garage band the Haunted… possibly some vulgar little algorithm. But they’re a lot of fun; I also like their French-language version of “Purple Haze,” “Vapeur Mauve.”

Champ (Feat. Edgar Winter) Portugal, the Man
TBH until this very day I knew nothing by Edgar Winter other than “Frankenstein.” This is pretty beautiful though:

St. Charles Square Blur
Strong Scary Monsters energy here.

Melody Experiment Blonde Redhead
I’ve been listening to Blonde Redhead’s experiments for a long time, and they can be pretty hit and miss. This one’s a keeper though.

You Can Blame Me Jain
How do I love this song? Let me count the ways: That monster groove; the almost Walkenesque way the French singer mangles the English words. Well, that’s only two, but how many do you need?

Ways & Means The Deslondes
When I repeatedly see my darling wife bopping to something in the kitchen, I know it’s going to be a hit. In my world at least.

The End of the World Wild Child
I know nothing about this band. I’m not sure I want to. What a fucking song.

Can You Get to That Stone Darling
You have to love a cover that takes an already great song in a completely new direction. 10/10. No notes.

Sorted Love and Rockets
Found this when I started poking around Spotify for L&R music before seeing them live. I have no idea where or when it comes from. The sound says late 90s, but who knows? To me it’s a new Love and Rockets song, and that’s something to celebrate.

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