Summer Sorted, Pt. 1

Year: 2023
Original Format:

In the last couple years I’ve gotten into the habit of making quarterly playlists of things I intend to listen to. This summer, for one reason or another, I actually did. And when that happens things start to fit themselves together in my mind, and I feel compelled to make something out of them.

Some of these songs are new, and some are just new to me. Some are things I heard on the radio — that’s right, the radio. Here in The Land That Time Forgot we have several great options, including the best classic rock station I know of; a typically anarchic college station; and the last freeform commercial station in captivity.

Now that summer is over, I feel like it is safe to talk about. On the whole it was a pretty good one, although it addition to whatever else it may be, summer is now the season when we think about the coming End Times. Well, all that smoke makes for some spectacular sunsets.

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