Year: 2021
Original Format: mp3

For those of you with Too Much Time on Your Hands, I have put together a YouTube playlist covering the entire Gangsters & Pranksters series. It is not comprehensive — I only included things that have a moving visual component — but it’s not a bad way to while away an hour or three.


If you prefer to stick with the old-fashioned audio, here you go. Playlist is after the jump, as always.


The Sloppy Dentist (excerpt) Coyle & Sharpe
Turns out the Coyle & Sharpe podcasts are short, and many of them are things I’ve heard already, so it’s not quite the exciting/frightening mountain of material that I thought.

Death Dentist The Jazz Butcher
I didn’t plan for the first song to be a Jazz Butcher song twice in a row; it just worked out that way.

Dentist! Steve Martin
It’s not quite the same without the visuals, so….

The Hardest Part Blondie
These visuals are compelling as well.

Gentlemen Cambrioleur Jacques Dutronc
The minute I heard this song playing over the closing credits of Lupin, I knew I would use it one way or another. So here we are. I couldn’t find a decent translation of the lyrics until I thought to look on YouTube; and lo and behold….

Dinsdale Was a Gentleman Monty Python

Gangster of Love Steve Miller Band
In retrospect I should maybe have used Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s original instead, but so it goes.

Gangster of Love, Pts. 1 & 2 Jimmy Norman
Technically I guess this is the same song that Johnny Watson wrote and Steve Miller covered. It’s done so differently that it sounds like a whole other tune.

Superfly Curtis Mayfield
Many years ago, when I was compiling the original G&P, I decided that I could only afford one more CD and chose the soundtrack to Shaft over Superfly. This was a mistake; Shaft is forgettable aside from the title track (which I didn’t even use), while Superfly is a stone classic all the way through. I know better now.

Sinfonia D’una Citta, Part II (excerpt) Ennio Morricone
This is from the soundtrack of an absolutely bizarre movie from 1982 starring Harvey Keitel and John Lydon/Rotten. It has at least three titles: Copkiller, Corrupt, and Order of Death. Since it’s on YouTube I ended up watching the whole thing a while back… I can’t say I recommend it, exactly, unless you are a devoted connoisseur of psychotronic cinema; but if you are you won’t want to miss it.

Criminal World Metro
Like most people, I think, I originally knew this as a David Bowie song — one of the better ones on Let’s Dance. But the real heads say that the original, recorded by Peter Godwin’s band Metro in 1977, is superior, and I wouldn’t necessarily argue the point.

Petty Thief Lout The Fall
“It’s about my early teenage years, when I hung around with petty criminals. It’s about petty crime, by people under sixteen years old.” —Mark E. Smith

Brinx Job Pavement
“Two crooks on the getaway, giddy with the idea: WE GOT THE MONEY. Bob Hoskins stars as Jake the lame-brained ringleader.” —Stephen Malkmus

She Took All the Money Black Francis
This song is apparently about singer Nina Hagen, who once upon a time was the girlfriend of Dutch artist/musician Herman Brood, the subject of Francis’ album Bluefinger. That probably sounds like gibberish, for which I apologize… there’s a whole rabbit hole there that I don’t have time to go down right now.

The Hand of Fate Rolling Stones
“An album-length exercise in guitar player auditions, Black and Blue bifurcates milky ballads and tentative funk-drenched rock workouts. The second track, in which for the sake of Jagger’s story about having keeled a man Wayne Perkins turns his guitar into a werewolf’s howl, boasts the peculiarity of Watts’ technique; he hangs back a step, lets Richards and Perkins fill the space, turns his drums into stage spotlights.” —Alfred Soto, On the immodest Charlie Watts

Optimist vs. The Silent Alarm (When the Saints Go Marching In) Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
I’m constantly amazed at what people are up to out there in YouTubeLand.

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