Year: 2021
Original Format: mp3

This one has been languishing on my hard drive for awhile awaiting the finishing touches. The idea was an experiment in pure musical hedonism, without regard to any other considerations. I find the finished product pretty successful, but then I would.

With that in mind, I’m going to forego the commentary and just post the playlist. Hope you enjoy.

For best results, play loud.


Aural Pleasure Maria de Madeiros

All Other Priorities Rescinded Ian Holm

Sexx Laws Beck

Alpha Beta Gaga Air

Caramel Cluster

Crystalline Green Goldfrapp

Young, Dumb, Full of Cum Whale & Tricky

Me So Horny (excerpt) 2 Live Crew

Sex Style Kool Keith

Pissin’ on Your Steps Del the Funkyhomosapien

On to the Next One Jay-Z

Turn Up the Music Disco Robots (dialogue by Douglas Adams)

Plug Me In Add (N) to X

I Turned You On The Isley Brothers

Gossip Cyril Neville

Take It Off (Part II) Tolbert, Johnny & De Thangs

Take It Off De La Soul

What? A Tribe Called Quest

One Mo’ Gin D’Angelo

Simply Beautiful Al Green

I Was Born to Love Her Meklit & Quinn

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