Ad astra per aspera

Year: 1993
Original Format: cassette


When Two Events Happen Simultaneously Kyle MacLachlan
Around this time I got very excited because Bravo was rerunning Twin Peaks, and I could record it on VHS and sample it for mixtapes. I may have gotten a little carried away.

I’ve Been to Memphis Lyle Lovett
This was during the period when Lyle was married to Julia Roberts and everyone thought that was so weird. It always made sense to me — sure, he’s funny-looking, but listen to that voice.

Falling in Love The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy
In 1993 it was hard for me to segue something out of a Lyle Lovett song. This was about the closest thing to country music I had in my collection.

White Belly Belly
It says something positive about humanity that a search for “white belly” turns up this song at the top of the page — above, for instance, the filthy Urban Dictionary definition of the term.

Letter to Memphis (Instrumental) The Pixies
That’s Memphis Egypt, natch.

Born Again Hard R. Lee Ermey & Vincent D’Onofrio
Has anyone made a gay porn version of Full Metal Jacket? I assume so, but I’m certainly not going to look.

River Euphrates Cracker
I just recently learned that for a while The Band thought about calling themselves “The Crackers.” I think they made the right call.

Take Me Down (Too Halloo) The Loud Family
A gem from the late, great Scott Miller.

The Wooden Song Butthole Surfers
In which the Surfers display their underappreciated sensitive side.

Clarity Martin Sheen
This train of thought has now led me to conceive of a gay porn version of Apocalypse Now. I will never be the same, and now you won’t either.

Here Pavement
I’m still surprised that Pavement has never put out a compilation called “Uneven Pavement.”

Pale Blue Eyes Velvet Underground
According to the Wikipedia, “Lou Reed initially wanted to play ‘Pale Blue Eyes’ for the Velvet Underground’s first reunion at the Fondation Cartier in 1990. When someone reminded him that he’d written the song after John Cale’s departure from the band, Reed said, ‘Then it will have to be “Heroin.”’ It was probably not the first time he’d said that, am I right?

Las Vegas Basement Julian Cope
I recently read a book that had some not-so-nice things to say about Julian Cope. This is a bummer, but he’s still a genius.

The Roil, the Choke Brian Eno
“Sometimes I cry
When the feeling fails to come
And I feel cheated
And I feel dumb
Oh but I…
I feel everything
When Eno sings”
—Pat Fish a.k.a. The Jazz Butcher, “When Eno Sings”

(Open Up Your) Filthy Heart (to Me) Shriekback
Apparently, back in the day Shriekback made a bunch of short films — or maybe it was one long one? — to accompany the songs from their Sacred City album. They are now on the YouTube of course, and less a revelation than a curiosity, but still….

When the Music Stops Donald Sutherland
From the chronically underrated Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, which has great performances by Sutherland, the late Rutger Hauer, and Paul Reubens a.k.a. Pee Wee Herman, who dies the greatest death ever committed to celluloid. Think I’m exaggerating?

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