Year: 2016
Original Format: MP3

So here we are again at the great pivot, the Return of Light. It got especially dark this year, and so the turnabout is especially welcome.

But darkness has to culminate before the change can come, and that’s the basic idea here. Heavy stuff man, but light awaits on the other side.

Playlist after the jump.


Farewell Our Ancient Glory Rev. Jack Drummond
This and the other clips scattered throughout this mix are from Bill Drummond’s 1986 album The Man — specifically from a track called “Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation,” in which Drummond’s father laments the state of Scotland in a barely comprehensible burr.

Darkness King Khan & the Shrines
King Khan & the Shrines are known as a party band, but this is not a party song. It’s pretty haunting in fact — like a clown who drops his act and reveals the deepest part of his soul.

Slippin’ into Darkness War
Another instance of a party band exploring the darker side. The main riff may have unconsciously been stolen for the Wailers’ “Get Up Stand Up,” recorded a year later.

The Werewolf Paul Simon
I take this one a little personally.

Brain Damage/Eclipse Pink Floyd
There is a right time for Dark Side of the Moon, and I think this is it.

Hireling Traitor’s Wages Rev. Jack Drummond

Beware of Darkness George Harrison
One of George’s most gorgeous songs, if you ask me. And good advice too.

Darkness Leonard Cohen
If ever there was a man at home in the darkness, it was Leonard.

Gimme Shelter The Sisters of Mercy
Now this is how you cover a song — turn it upside-down and shake it like a snow globe.

Instruments of Darkness (excerpt The Art of Noise
It’s probably not fair that the South African accent is now inherently sinister… but there’s a reason for that.

Darkness Peter Gabriel
There’s almost 8 billion people on the planet now, but only one sounds like Peter Gabriel.

Eulogy and Light Funkadelic
Have you watched the second season of Mike Judge’s Tales from the Tour Bus, where he explores the history of funk? You should, you should.

The Truth (excerpt) Handsome Boy Modeling School
Coffee Cold Galt MacDermot
Handsome Boy Modeling School is Dan the Automator and Prince Paul, and that’s Róisín Murphy on vocals. But most of the credit goes to Galt MacDermot (R.I.P.), who also wrote the music for Hair. His albums include Galt MacDermot’s First Natural Hair Band, Reflections of a Radically Right Wing Composer, and The Sun Always Shines for the Cool. There’s a whole career there that I know almost nothing about, but where is the time?

Bought and Sold for English Gold Rev. Jack Drummond & Bill Drummond

Midnight Sun David Sylvian
I don’t necessarily think of Sylvian as one of my favorite artists, but his music keeps turning up in these mixes. That must mean something.

Loud Cloud Crowd Stephen Malkmus
If you’ve made it to this point, congratulations. The rest is gravy.

Chapter 24 Pink Floyd
Syd took the words for this directly from the I Ching — specifically hexagram 24, Fu, or Return. All he needed was 63 more songs and he would have had a great concept album.

Everybody Is Going to Make It This Time Funkadelic
Recorded in 1972 but more relevant than ever today, and probably even more relevant tomorrow. Bow your heads, children, in the presence of genius.

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