Year: 2016
Original Format: MP3

Who says there are no second acts in American life?

Playlist after the jump.


The Sweetest Person I Ever Heard Of Lil’ Markie
If you want to know more about Lil’ Markie, you might read this. But be forewarned: That there rabbit hole is deep and dark.

Ultralight Beam Kanye West et. al.
I hear Kanye had been talking about changing his name to “Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West.” And while that may be a bit excessive, he’s not technically wrong, is he?

What You Need Is Jesus Public Enemy
The Jesus in question here is Jesus Shuttlesworth, protagonist of Spike Lee’s He Got Game. Not the most memorable movie, but a hell of a soundtrack.

You Two Motherfuckers Need Jesus
From Bad Boys II. Despite this being a famous and much-quoted line, my attempts to find out the name of the actress who delivers it have been sadly futile. Whoever she is, she killed it.

You Motherfuckers Need Jesus The Goddamn Gallows
Inspired by the foregoing, I assume.

I Don’t Even Believe in Jeebus Homer Simpson
Still makes me giggle every time.

The Ruling Class Loose Fur
A catchy tune, great lyrics, and top-shelf whistling.

Friend of the Devil The Grateful Dead
Resistance is useless.

The Devil Is My Friend The Jazz Butcher
The only song I know of that name-checks Frank Sinatra, Idi Amin, Godzilla, and four Soviet premiers (Brezhnev, Chernenko, Andropov, and Gorbachev), not to mention the three members of our next band….

Yin and Yang the Flowerpot Man Love and Rockets
Alcohol’s your yoga, baby.

It’s So Beautiful The Double Rainbow Guy
What do you mean you don’t know about the Double Rainbow Guy?

Because The Beatles
50 years later, those harmonies still give me the chills.

Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain Ladysmith Black Mambazo
The more you need rain, the more beautiful it seems.

Monks’ Chant Monty Python’s Flying Circus
For the full effect, whack yourself on the head with a piece of wood between lines.

You Want It Darker Leonard Cohen
For a few days when I was working on this, I couldn’t figure out where to go from Monty Python. Then You Want It Darker came out — October 21, 2016 — and there it was. Thanks, Leonard.

The Lord’s Prayer Sister Janet Mead
For the full effect, you’re going to want to watch the video:

The Lords’ Prayer Lords of the New Church
Nobody did the audible sneer better than Stiv Bator.

The Lord’s Prayer William S. Burroughs
Though Uncle Bill was no slouch himself.

Thoroughly Lost to Logic David Sylvian
Oscura Primavera CAN
Somehow these just go together, don’t they?

Shoot the Singer Pavement
Slow it down, song is sacred!

No Expectations The Dirtbombs
A brilliant mashup from Mick Collins & Co. No place to go from there. Cut. Print.

2 comments on “Sacred Songs, Part 2: The Sweetest Person I Ever Heard Of

  • xian

    do you include anywhere when these where first assembled? i am pretty sure i have heard this mix on cd?

    • Bill

      I posted this on Mixcloud back in 2016, but sometime later it mysteriously disappeared. I blame Kanye.

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