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Year: 2019
Original Format: MP3

Because they are attached to an actual date in the real world, Halloween mixes always end up being a mad scramble. But in a fun way. One year I went so far as to drive around late on the 30th delivering cassettes to people’s doorsteps.

This year I decided, for no particular reason, to pretend I was making an old-school mixtape — two sides, no more than 45 minutes each. Here’s Side 1. Playlist after the jump.


Witches in Disguise Basil Rathbone

Go Go Kitty (Part 1) The New Bangs

Cat Black (The Wizard’s Hat) Tyrannosaurus Rex

Lucifer Sam Pink Floyd

Doctor Dream Theme Kevin Ayers

Vampyr Skinhead Barry Andrews

Uncle Fester’s Blues Vic Mizzy

The Mummy Bob McFadden

Go Go Kitty (Part 2) The New Bangs

Hoo Doo Al Reed

I Been Hoodood Dr. John

We Are the Dead David Bowie

1-800-Suicide Gravediggaz

Curse of the Hearse Terry Teane

Go Go Kitty (Part 3) The New Bangs

Night of the Vampire The Moontrekkers

’Til the Following Night Screaming Lord Sutch & the Savages

One comment on “Fear of a Black Cat (Side 1)


    Nice celebratory listen. All of the tracks were original to my ears. I enjoyed it much! Thanks.

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