Fear of a Black Cat (Side 1)

via Mark Rees (@reviewwales)

Year: 2019
Original Format: MP3

Because they are attached to an actual date in the real world, Halloween mixes always end up being a mad scramble. But in a fun way. One year I went so far as to drive around late on the 30th delivering cassettes to people’s doorsteps.

This year I decided, for no particular reason, to pretend I was making an old-school mixtape — two sides, no more than 45 minutes each. Here’s Side 1. Playlist after the jump.

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Is This Thing On?

Year: 2018
Original Format: MP3

This is a test of the American Magic and Dread emergency broadcast system. If this was a real emergency, you’d already be dead.

This is a weird one. The brief here was just to try things, see how they work out. It goes to some strange places, but comes in for a soft landing eventually.

Playlist after the jump.

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